To ensure your stay is a fit and healthy experience, we offer a wide range of massage therapies.




Relax with our Blue Spa treatments


Blue Spa Information

Bookings and consultations: call hotel reception or Blue Spa directly by dialing 110. If there is no answer on 110, please call reception – our spa staff may be in the middle of a treatment.

Payment: we accept cash and all major credit cards.

Hotel Voucher: Please understand that the hotel voucher is only valid for massage treatments.

Cancellations and late arrivals: We kindly ask you to cancel your booking in good time (at least 1 day). Please also understand that you will be charged for your booking if we cannot fill your time slot with a new booking after this time. If you arrive late for an appointment, your treatment time will be shortened accordingly – we cannot ask subsequent guests to wait.

Waiting time: Your wellbeing is our priority, which is why we keep all related organizational matters to a minimum. Nevertheless, you may experience a small delay due to an emergency, pain or simply because we want to give you an extra few minutes of attention. Unwind and let yourself go. Your heart will thank you for it!

Opening times: 2 pm until 8 pm or by appointment.

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